The Dispatch is reporting that:

The state Senate voted 26-7 today to effectively eliminate tens of thousands of the controversial devices by banning cash payouts and making it more difficult for them to be defined as “skill-based” games.

Legislative leaders rammed the measure through both chambers in a week, with no public testimony and only one token committee hearing, held this morning. About three dozen opponents showed up and occasionally shouted comments at the panel but were told by Senate President Bill M. Harris that they could not testify.

I have to say: I really disagree with Strickland and Dann on this issue. Our Governnor and AG “asked the legislature to act quickly to ban” these gaming machines and that’s exactly what they did.

I like to gamble- but that’s not why I disagree. Tic-tac-fruit or any of the other ‘games of skill’ are boring and the odds are horrible. Just like slot machines. And I really don’t know why ANYONE would want to play them.

I disagree because I have yet to hear even one good reason why the state should ban these machines.

People want to play these games. And businesses want to build, distribute and profit from them. So why should the state say ‘No’?

It CERTAINLY doesn’t have anything to do with the public outcry against games of skill.

As a matter of fact, a Zogby Poll from last month found that 77% of Ohioans think these games should remain legal.

Maybe it have something to do with God not wanting poor people to lose all their money?

So how about this as a solution: create a set of Christian-themed skill games and use the new skill-game tax to give poor kids health care?

Would THAT make everyone happy?