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NRLC Must Support SCHIP

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The Hill is reporting that:

Ten House Democrats who oppose abortion rights have turned the tables on the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), taking the group to task for not backing a bill to expand the State Children?s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

One of the ten dems is Ohio’s own Tim Ryan- who is quoted asking the NRLC ?Why aren?t you supporting it now? Are you really concerned with protecting life or are you concerned with protecting the Bush administration??

In response, Doug Johnson, NRLC’s legislative director said the issue of abortion and the issue […]

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David Brooks Interviews Deb Pryce

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David Brooks has a pretty good Op-Ed piece about Deborah Pryce in the NYTimes today.

From his interview with Pryce:

?I was appalled by what I had to do,? she said. In close races, the national parties send teams of professionals to take over campaigns, and the candidates who resist their efforts generally lose.

When Pryce spoke about the direct-mail letters that went out under her name, she did so with a look of disgust. She said that her friends kept coming to her to complain about the TV ads she was running against her opponent. Finally, her own […]

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If you haven’t been watching the brilliant It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX, you don’t know what you are missing. I don’t know if I could possibly set this clip up, other than to say the show is about 5 absolute scumbags who run a bar in Phily.

Here’s a funny promo for the show (yes, that is Danny Devito).

More clips can be found here.

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