PD Openers is reporting that Dennis Kucinich has only raised $40 for his congressional reelection.

As though this matters.

The guy has national name recognition. International even. Also- he’s raised over a million bucks for his presidential campaign!

And, while Dennis appears on TV for FREE almost every week in one of the democratic presidential debates or on one of his late night talk show appearances, his primary competitors (Palmer and Ferris) can’t even afford a crappy radio commercial with the money they’ve raised.

Rosemary Palmer raised $28,719 last quarter and has $26,297 in the bank.

Barbara Anne Ferris raised $15,880 last quarter and has $12,234 in the bank. (Note: she also has $7,400 in debts)

I love to see the underdog do well- and I wish Palmer and Ferris the best of luck- but it really looks like Dennis is gonna win the primary with his $40.