Perusing the ‘sphere this morning and thought I’d jot down some notes:

Jeff Hess is publishing a series called “Good Morning Myanmar“. This Burma bit broke me out of a self imposed blog slumber, but Jeff is doing a consistently good job of following up. He is a valuable resource on this – and we all should care about it. And these are just what he couldn’t get to. Nice work Jeff!

Bill Callahan (probably one of the most universally respected in the ‘sphere both left and right – and for damned good reason!) takes on the boyz of BSB with their constant Kucinich bashing. I’m fairly agnostic on the whole Dennis thing. I can understand frustration from constituents, but I also understand why people tend to get behind him. While I might find the Congressman’s deliver at times a bit off kilter, I also find many of the things he stands for refreshing and very much needed (a Dept. of Peace for instance). I have to say for the most part I view his delivery and “craziness” as something particularly unpolitical – and tend to favor that over tested words and phrases or even laughs. He and Progress Ohio get in a little “i told you so” on this one.

Brian Rothenberg at Progress Ohio highlights problems with how we deal with the problem of sex offenders. Brian rightly points out – and stat loving righties might even agree – that we won’t have much success helping kids if we only focus on 10% of the problem with brightly colored license plates and Google maps of the scarlet lettered ones. He suggest we look a wee “closer to home”.

Enjoy your weekend!