From the daily archives: Saturday, October 13, 2007

Is It 2008 Yet?

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From a recent interview with our brainiac president:

BARTIROMO: Did you see the Republican candidate debate? What did you think? Who came out a winner?

BUSH: Were you there?

BARTIROMO: Yes, I was. I was the co-host.

BUSH: You were trying to hoax me into saying you had brilliant questions.

BARTIROMO: No, that?s not what I?m looking for Mr. President.

BUSH: I didn?t watch. I didn?t watch.

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Saturday Morning Walkabout

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Perusing the ‘sphere this morning and thought I’d jot down some notes:

Jeff Hess is publishing a series called “Good Morning Myanmar“. This Burma bit broke me out of a self imposed blog slumber, but Jeff is doing a consistently good job of following up. He is a valuable resource on this – and we all should care about it. And these are just what he couldn’t get to. Nice work Jeff!

Bill Callahan (probably one of the most universally respected in the ‘sphere both left and right – and for damned good reason!) takes on the boyz […]

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