I got an email today as fallout of an article by Patrick Poole claiming I’m some kind of CAIR/ODP operative which I’ve decided to reprint in full.

Americans are watching you and your behavior. The time will come when we
will no longer tolerate you and your allies – our otherwise declared

You’re a detestable shitbag.

Yes, I’m a detestable shitbag. The guy who has spent his entire professional career as a DoD contractor. A guy who spent 5 years working on USAF UAV systems (ones that have actually killed terrorists), and the last two supporting DoD science researchers. All because I think we should concentrate on catching real terrorists, rather than recklessly accusing every public Muslim in sight of being one.

God, I love America.

But, I’m just a citizen blogger. I’m not some kind of insider, with special access. I’ve interviewed one member of Congress at a MeetTheBloggers event, and I personally know one member of the State House of Representatives (a Republican, Josh Mandel, from when I was in college). Other than that, I’m just a regular working Joe, trying to make a living helping American soldiers be more effective and more safe, who got into blogging because I was alarmed at what I saw happening in our communities.

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before my personal information is widely distributed on the net and I have to deal with wackos staking out my home. Awesome. But I’ve been converted into a true believer on the value of concealed carry now. So that’s a win for conservatives.

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