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Fighting terrorism

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I got an email today as fallout of an article by Patrick Poole claiming I’m some kind of CAIR/ODP operative which I’ve decided to reprint in full.

Americans are watching you and your behavior. The time will come when we
will no longer tolerate you and your allies – our otherwise declared

You’re a detestable shitbag.

Yes, I’m a detestable shitbag. The guy who has spent his entire professional career as a DoD contractor. A guy who spent 5 years working on USAF UAV systems (ones that have actually killed terrorists), and the last two supporting […]

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So Long, Rev. Russell!

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The Dispatch is reporting that Rev. Russell Johnson is leaving the Fairfield Christian Church in Lancaster to work as a fundraiser for Kentucky Christian University- his alma mater.

Johnson, you may remember, is the gay-hating, mega-church pastor behind the Ohio Restoration Project- the group that attempted “to recruit thousands of ‘patriot pastors’ to register ‘values voters’ and back Christian causes.”

(He is also the guy who sent out emails supporting Ken Blackwell’s campaign in blatent violation of IRS regulations against partisan political activity by non-profits.)

His departure, it seems, couldn’t have come at a better time…


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This is awesome.

Oddo (R-S.I.) exploded in an expletive-laced tirade when he learned an attractive interviewer was an Ali G wanna-be trying to bait him into saying something stupid. The explosive encounter, which Oddo was duped into believing was a serious news interview, took place in the Councilman’s City Hall office last Thursday.

Prankster Pia Haraldsen of the Norwegian comedy show “Rikets R%F8st” was quickly cut off when she asked a few ditsy-blond questions about Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

It’s funny.

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Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize

On October 12, 2007 By

In a clear liberal conspiracy, Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to raise awareness about global climate change.

Congrats Al. Keep up the good work.

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