Funniest thing I’ve read all week. Hands down. In a comment at RightAngleBlog. Yes, the wingnut capital of Ohio. One of the last remaining places that will allow this “true progressive patriot” to comment. His lunatic rage has him aligned with Christofascist Wingnut Homophobes. I’ts lovely. For entertainment purposes only. Do not try this at home.

Dave Hickman said,
Wrote on October 11, 2007 @ 8:05 am

I’m sure Matt appreciates, even if secretly, that PlunderDUMB Eric Vessels and Frat Pig BS Blogger Jerid Kurtz pops in to comment here at RAB “traffic is traffic” even if it’s the junk Vessels and Kurtz drags in.

Similarly, I always appreciate recognition and acknowledgment that what I write is being planted in everyone’s brains’ so much so that people can imitate me pretty damn well (except I don’t use the word ‘mistruths’ very often. I’d use ‘misleading’ and/or ‘misinformation’ in some way).

As for the journalistic style that PlunderDUMB Eric speaks of (regarding paragraph structure). Well, I’d do that if I were writing front-page posts (stories). However, me making comments doesn’t obligate me to use any style at all (except ‘Hickmania’ style).

So, get off your High Plains Drifter shoot-em up horse there OK Corral Eric. Then put on the ‘Rocky’ movie soundtrack and challenge everyone here at RAB to a boxin’ match.

Later, you can meander down to a babbling brook to meditate while water flows over rocks in your head as you say ‘OM’ softly and drift off into your special buddha belly nirvana trance and/or jump up-and-down doing a tippy-toe fairy dance, in front of the Progress Ohio offices, for all I care.

Jerid, I’ll save my Hickmania fun regarding you for later. I have some new material brewin’ for YOU !!! I’ll give you a hint though, it has something to do with your fascination about posting pictures of yourself and how that all fits in with narcissism and why all your BS Blog front pagers are fleeing for ‘greener pastures’ so they aren’t constantly expected to look at frat pig pictures of you or indirectly forced to read about your idiotic escapades in grab ass-ery such as the New Hampshire playtime project that had funding support from Mary Jo Kilroy and Marian Harris (a tarnished bad reflection on their judgment).

BWWWAAA-HA’ Bite Me ‘ and keep on babblin’ on !!

Come back again to help increase Matt’s traffic while you both watch your respective blogs die slow deaths.


HICKMANIA is on the loose. Come and chase me around the Ohiosphere if you’re petty enough and/or dumb enough to even care about my ‘med’-less state of mind. I’m CRAZY’ I tell ya’ just plain CRAZY’ come catch me if you can’ BWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!

Censor me, ban me and kick me around’ It’s my purpose in life’ BECAUSE I’M CRAZY and according to Jerid’s 3,000th request, I guess he thinks I need to take some ‘meds’ ‘ WHATEVER !!!

There’s a freakin’ psychologist that creates voices in every lying BS Blogger’s head, by that I mostly mean the voices inside Jerid’s head (at least there’s something in his head, but certainly not brains).

– Note: If you feel real up for it, you must check out Jerid’s fantastic impersonation over at RAB. Classic shit.

PS – Maybe Dave can stop in and share with us how sales on his new book are going (cover above).