From Lisa Renee at GCJ, this from the Bob Latta campaign:

Today, the Buehrer campaign, through his manager Jim Banks, has submitted a records request at BGSU. What is to gain by attacking my wife? All of these records are public. There has never been anything to hide. So what?s the point?

I guess in my opponent?s case, when you get tired of attacking the candidate you attack his family. To attack my wife is beyond belief. Please point me to another election in northwest Ohio when this has ever happened. Mr. Buehrer, I am only going to tell you this once, stay away from my wife. And let me also add my kids are also off limits. I had better add Maci our Boston Terrier to the list, too.

The office of the United States House of Representatives is one that should be respected and not trivialized. No wonder the public has been losing faith in our elected leaders and so many good people are staying out of public service.

From someone who runs a campaign like this one, I don?t expect an apology.

I completely agree with Bob in this regard, but maybe Bob should consult with his legal and public affairs consultant Scott Pullins who seems to be familiar with the art of attacking people’s family.

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