TechCrunch does the heavy lifting so go there for details, but CNET founder Shelby Bonnie has a new politics site that you all might want to check out called Political Base. Interesting wiki-type concept and good use of donation data. It’s worth an afternoon plunder and a bookmark. The site even allows you to embed certain data sets live into your own blog or site.

ohiomoney08prez.jpgPerusing the Ohio data I find that on a national level, Ohio is still technically a “red state” in terms of donations to presidential candidates. The two leading Dems total $991,105. The two leading Reps total $989,061. Clinton/Obama actually are on top of Romney/Guiliani. In terms of counties won, Dems are ahead in 31 to the Reps 28. Not sure I understand why Ohio would be red on the main map then…

The top 5 counties are Hamilton, Cuyahoga, Franklin, Delaware, and Mahoning. SWO is crushing NEO at the moment with Hamilton at $823,482 (they prefer Romney big 500k of that is him). Cuyahoga is a distant second at $366,560 (they prefer Obama over Hillary). Franklin comes in a close 3rd at $351,433 (they prefer Guiliani over Obama). The biggest drop-off is not surprising in that Delaware leads the next tier of counties with $56,230 (they prefer Clinton over Guiliani). There is no doubt some soutern DelCo money in there which is essentially also Columbus.

The site lets you drill down into each county as well and see individual contributions as well. Here, I see Ron Paul, Bill Richardson, and other candidates. This must explain the reason the leading Dems are ahead but the state is still red. Those lower tier Reps must be giving the overall lead to the reds. I’m seeing lots of double entries it seems like, so hard to say if this is all accurate. Easy to use for sure.

They even provide ways for you to embed data right into your own site:

How about founder of the site Shelby Bonnie? $2,300 to Obama. Among the many celebrities that have given to Obama’s campaign. LOL. No wonder Republicans are pissed at Hollywood. They get no dough from them.

You can also easily find contributions by employees of companies, like Google. They don’t total it up or do any comparisons, but there’s lotsa blue. You might think the Department of Defense would be mostly red, but you’d be wrong.

I won’t give away all that’s there. You should go peruse. Sign up as well to participate in the many ways to contribute to the site (the Ohio section needs some work).