Patrick Poole is busy slinging anti-Muslim rhetoric again, and RABid is only too eager to lap it up. Now, I’m just way too busy to pick apart this most recent article line-by-line (Update: IOW, I’m going to go ahead and assume it follows his typical pattern of drawing dubious conclusions from tenuous “evidence”), but allow me to point something out about Mr. Poole:

In 1999 FISA was eeeeeviil. In 2005, it’s a necessary tool on the WoT, and Bush’s use of it is no different than Clinton’s or Carter’s (which is a demonstrably false statement).

And there’s this amusing “rebuttal” of OSU’s National Security Studies’ chair Dr. John Mueller statement that there almost no terrorists in the United States, and few who have the means or inclination to strike us from abroad.

Patrick Poole is a hack. I’m not surprised that his publishing history includes writing for WorldNetDaily and most currently FrontPageMag, an organization the Southern Poverty Law Center identifies as “supporting efforts to make bigoted and discredited ideas respectable.” In searching for Mr. Poole’s history, I found one reference that listed him as a “lecturer in government and economics” at the Bannockburn College (alternately: Bannock Burn College) in Franklin TN. Interestingly, I was unable to locate a Bannockburn College in my searching this morning; however I was able to locate a King’s Meadow Study Center that is “seeking to establish a classical Christian college that serves as a missional extension of Christ’s church”, and who are seeking to be authorized by the state of Tennessee as a college. Bannockburn College appears to be the “college” of King’s Meadow.

Interestingly, King’s Meadow’s founder is a Dr. George Grant, a Christian Reconstructionist with close ties to Dr. D. James Kennedy, a founder of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and original member of the Moral Majority’s board of directors. Additionally, Kennedy served on the initial executive board of the Coalition for Religious Freedom (CRF), a group established by Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church while Moon was in prison in 1984. Also on CRF’s executive board: Jerry Falwell, James Robinson, Jimmy Swaggart, and Tim LaHaye (co-author of the ‘Left Behind’ books).

It seems reasonable to believe that Poole and Grant share a number of opinions, since Poole served as a lecturer at Grant’s unaccredited religious college. Thankfully, Dr. Grant’s views can be found on YouTube: here is just one example of many. Grant’s views can also be found at ForeRunner.

I think we’d all be better off ignoring Patrick Poole. Even 30%ers who still approve of President Bush. Sadly, I suspect much of Ohio’s right-wing blogosphere will continue to listen to Poole’s sloppily constructed conspiracies.

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  • Bizzy & Nix both LOVE this guy…and continue to pimp him over at their new jobs at the PeeDee!

  • Congratulations: a perfectly constructed ad-hominem attack that did nothing to deal with the substance of his reporting.

  • Brian, I agree with you and w/Dave. I agree with you that Poole’s reporting leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn’t ever sound like he’s spoken to anyone – but maybe I’m just reading all the wrong stuff he’s written. But I agree with Dave, there’s no need to attack Poole when the substance of his reporting is also problematic: it’s baiting and particularly he uses Jews and Judaism and Israel in a way that many Jews never would. That’s perhaps what bothers me the most. I’ve written it before but there are definitely some people who I wish would love us chosen folks just a little bit less sometimes and find some other good reasons to be concerned about people’s behavior.

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  • George Grant

    You probably ought to do your homework before pontificating–and best to try to use something other than the tired rumor-mills and glittering generalities on the web. Facts:
    1. I am not a “Christian Reconstructionist.”
    2. Bannockburn is not an “unaccredited religious college.”
    3. Neither is it “the college of King’s Meadow.”
    4. What “close ties with Dr. D. James Kennedy” even means, much less what it has to do with this discussion ought to be altogether baffling to anyone interested in an honest dialog. Guilt by very, very, very long distance association is hardly an argument for anything.
    5. If you want to know what my “views” on any particular subject might be, you might try reading my books rather than relying on snippets of video clips on YouTube.

  • Je support les troops

    Poole thinks you have access to a SECRET DOSSIER that CAIR has assembled about him.

    What sort of complex must one have in order to believe that THE MUSLIM SCOURGE considers them to be such a threat that they keep a file on them?

  • #6: I found that kinda funny too. I did not know Brian had access to secret dossiers. Fascinating though!

    Je is referring to this post:

  • Je support les troops

    I want to see *MY* CAIR dossier!

  • likwidshoe

    Oh, man. You cite the SPLC while calling someone else a hack!? That’s rich. Thanks for the belly laugh.

  • #7 – I’m actually an Iranian spy. Poole blew my deep cover.

    #5 – I said “appears to be”. As Mr. Poole so kindly points out, I have a job that I have to do, meaning I have limited time to do original research. Bannockburn was exceptionally difficult to find any information on. You say you are not a Christian Reconstructionist, and I have little choice but to take your word for it despite the kinds of people you seem to have a record of association with (see? I’m much more charitable than Mr. Poole). I thought these tidbits about Mr. Poole might provide one explanation at why he’s so eager to attack any public Muslim in sight. I tried to be careful to limit this post to shining a light on things, and not drawing reckless conclusions.

  • DavidC

    The ad hominem blog posting is singularly unimpressive.

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