Ohio’s 5th congressional district has been held by the Republicans since 1939.

Recently, though, things started looking up for the Dems when BSB reported that Bob Latta and Steve Buehrer will “rip each other to pieces in the Republican primary”- leaving things open for the Democratic challenger.

“Nice thought”, thought I, Not believing it for a minute.

Then, today, I realized it just might happen.

That’s because I found out that Scott Pullins, asshole lawyer extraordinaire, is representing Latta!

And by “representing” I mean:

A. filing election complaints against Latta’s Republican-primary challenger


B. Making “automated phone calls on behalf of the Latta Campaign” (probably accusing Buehrer of being gay)

All I have to say is: THANK YOU, SCOTT!


  • When I first saw that anonymous comment at the Ohio Daily Blog, talking about another candidate’s sexuality…that’s when I bought into it. The GOP really is going to go on a shooting spree, destroying any of their own to win OH-05 for the candidate of their choice. It’s glorious.

  • You just said: “Scott Pullins, asshole lawyer extraordinaire”

    Should I tell Holly to expect a call?


  • The OEC, by a 3-0 vote, found probable cause that a violation has occurred. A full hearing is set for October 18.

  • Keep up the good work, Scott.

    We love Republican-on-Republican violence!

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