Update: Got two more good resources. This from the NYT and a radio program with some Akron area monks which includes a great overview at the beginning.

MyanmarThe situation in Burma (Myanmar) is one we should all be watching and stay informed about. If you are behind on it, this might help to catch you up. Information is scarce and I’m going to take a stab at documenting some of the sources and a good roundup a bit later tonight. I know George Ed had a post up about the effect of bloggers on getting information out and Jeff Hess has been posting quite a bit on the disparity in coverage here in the states versus elsewhere. I’ve actually been following Have Coffee very closely on all of this. Jill Zimon also was one of the first to alert me to this.

Tomorrow, Plunderbund will be participating in an International Bloggers’ Day for Burma. The post will allow comments, but in order to create greater awareness that will be all you’ll see on PB for the entire day. Possibly a sidebar item afterward as well as more blogging on the subject.

A few things you might do tomorrow (or longer) to build awareness:

  • Participate in International Bloggers’ Day if you own blog. One post – all day (or at least pinned to the top)
  • Forum users can change their signatures to reflect the Free Burma theme
  • Anyone who uses email can draft a small signature with links to direct anyone reading an email to the right places
  • Anyone who speaks to others during the course of the day can mention it in conversation

They might not want us to know, but we know. In no small part due to very brave citizen journalists. We can’t do much, but we can show our support and continue to make sure others know.

Bloggers can get images for tomorrow’s day of action from this Flikr group. Places to link include FreeBurma.org and AVAAZ.org.

…more tomorrow

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