On Meet the Press, Pat Buchanan had this gem:

“[L]et me explain it, 90 percent of Republican votes are — in the general election are non-Hispanic, white. That is a higher percentage in the primaries, even higher percentage in New Hampshire and Iowa. These are [sic] what is going to decide this nomination, Tim.

“There is a risk going to this gathering here, and there’s very little reward, in my judgment, in those early battles….

It seems to me that reaching out to minority voters would have little to no risk, and big reward… unless… that vast majority of white voters would somehow take exception to candidates talking to minority voters. I’m having a hard time imagining what else Buchanan could be implying here, other than that the GOP electorate is racist – or at least racist enough that talking to minority voters would cause a candidate to lose support.

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  • That seems to be about right.

  • Bob

    I don’t think the risk comes from GOP voters taking exception to a candidate talking to minority voters. It comes from the chance of a gaffe, particularly in a forum with an unfamiliar electorate. Imagine what would happen if Rudy let slip “Some of my best friends are black” — the media would eat him for lunch. And what reward would he get for a standout performance? Little if any, for the reasons Pat mentioned.

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