The other day I pointed out the Catholic League’s overreaction to a poster for a gay pride festival that took it’s inspiration from da Vinci’s “Last Supper”. Lisa Renee mentioned in the comments that she found it insulting (perfectly valid for her to feel that way) and that it ‘mocked’ Christianity.

I wanted to point out that the ‘Last Supper’ is nearly iconic, and is often used as a source of inspiration for more ‘base’ sentiments. Dan Savage has an extensive collection of ‘Last Supper’ themed images, most or all with nary a peep from the Catholic League. I don’t mean to come across like I’m picking on Lisa Renee (I’m not!); she just brought up an important topic to discuss.

(The Sopranos has often used classic pieces of art as inspiration, not just for promotional materials, but in the iconic final episode, “Made in America”.)

Made In America

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  • The imagine is widely used in ads for all kinds of stuff.

    Here’s another example from PaddyPower – Ireland?s largest bookmaker:


    This one actually shows JESUS PLAYING POKER!

    note: “The Republic of Ireland is 86.8% Roman Catholic, and has one of the highest rates of regular and weekly church attendance in the Western World.”

  • King,

    You know we welcome your participation here, are thankful for your readership, and love your willingness to call out Naugle. But this post you’ve linked to… it’s upsetting.

    It seems to me that many of the terms you use in that post, particularly describing the kind of people who might attend the Fulsom Street Fair, don’t seem to reflect my interpretation of Christian love.

    Additionally, there is a massive difference between this fair poster and “tasteless nooses” from the Jena Six story. One is a direct threat of bodily harm / death, the other makes no threats at all.

    I respect your right to be offended by the Fulsom Street Fair poster, even if I think you are overreacting. But really, the response by the right wing here is actually less understandable than the Muslim outrage over the cartoon depictions of Muhammad in Danish newspapers. This is a parody of a famous piece of Western art, and depictions of Jesus are not forbidden by Christianity. Depictions of Muhammad are, by definition, blasphemous in Islam, regardless of how they portray the Prophet. (I believe Muslims were wrong to protest that, BTW. I just understand why they did.)

    As Joseph points out, there are many portrayals that many (including myself) would consider more insulting to Christians/Christianity than simply organizing a bunch of people in the same layout as the Last Supper – such as an image portraying Jesus gambling.

    The outrage here is more about attacking gay people than it is protecting any kind of ‘sanctity’ of the Last Supper image.

  • not to mention comments are for…um…comments. not “go look at my blog” spam.

  • King: YOUR post was SO MUCH more offensive than that poster.

    The folsom last supper picture was kind of funny and jokingly playful.

    Your post, on the other hand, was just nasty, mean, hateful and amazinly childish and immature (e.g. “San Fagcisco”, “Folsom Faggot Fair”, “Fagfest” )

  • Thank You Joseph. I take that as a compliment

  • Decent as he is – and personable one on one – Ralph King appears quite capable of flipping on the wingnut homophobic asshat switch. You can take that as a compliment from this hippie buddhist…go ahead.

  • Thank you for the compliment Oh Great God of Plunder! But where are my other remarks that i posted.

    did you guys hear about the muslims killing Christians in Nigeria over an alleged cartoon of allah?

  • #8: Dunno. Maybe spam filter?

    PS: Muslims killing Christians over cartoon of Allah. Don’t support it. Don’t support Christians killing Muslims over oil either. Or Buddhists killing Buddhists over power. Or…you get the point. Did you have one?

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