The other day I pointed out the Catholic League’s overreaction to a poster for a gay pride festival that took it’s inspiration from da Vinci’s “Last Supper”. Lisa Renee mentioned in the comments that she found it insulting (perfectly valid for her to feel that way) and that it ‘mocked’ Christianity.

I wanted to point out that the ‘Last Supper’ is nearly iconic, and is often used as a source of inspiration for more ‘base’ sentiments. Dan Savage has an extensive collection of ‘Last Supper’ themed images, most or all with nary a peep from the Catholic League. I don’t mean to come across like I’m picking on Lisa Renee (I’m not!); she just brought up an important topic to discuss.

(The Sopranos has often used classic pieces of art as inspiration, not just for promotional materials, but in the iconic final episode, “Made in America”.)

Made In America

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