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While not “Net Neutrality” related, this underscores the potential power and abuse allowing common carriers to regulate the content transmitted on their networks would permit.

Saying it had the right to block ?controversial or unsavory? text messages, Verizon Wireless has rejected a request from Naral Pro-Choice America, the abortion rights group, to make Verizon?s mobile network available for a text-message program.

The other leading wireless carriers have accepted the program, which allows people to sign up for text messages from Naral by sending a message to a five-digit number known as a short code.

Verizon has essentially said that […]

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Back in May, Bill Todd called the Columbus City Center mall ?the world?s biggest aboveground cavern? and challenged Mayor Mike Coleman to solve the problem.

Never one to back down from a challenge, even from an dirtbag like Todd, Mike and the City Council are doing just that:

Columbus has struck a deal with the owners of Columbus City Center to take over the struggling Downtown mall.

According to a source with Capitol South Urban Redevelopment Corp., the nonprofit developer created by the city in the 1980s to build City Center, Columbus will pay Simon Property Group and […]

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On average, 15% of incoming college freshmen do not have a parent who attended college. At Ohio State, that number is nearly 23%.

Ohio State’s numbers are fantastic, because we know that many of these students come from families that haven’t traditionally considered college,” said Tally Hart, director of the Economic Access Initiative.

According to the Ohio State Web site, the creation of the Economic Access Initiative further marks the university’s ongoing commitment to ensuring all qualified students, regardless of income, can make the dream of college a reality.

“I knew I always wanted to go to college, but […]

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I just finished answering the questions on the latest version of the 2008 Presidential Candidate Selector and it looks like Dennis Kucinich is my ideal candidate.

Clinton and Obama tied for second place- which seems about right. And Sam Brownback and Fred Thompson both tied for last – which also seems like their proper place.

I just wish the Ideal Candidate wasn’t so damn Theoretical.

1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100 %)
2. Dennis Kucinich (81 %)
3. Hillary Clinton (78 %)
4. Barack Obama (78 %)
5. Joseph Biden (77 %)

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Jenna Bush, that’s who. Yes, the President’s (blond) daughter. When asked by Diane Sawyer if she supported her father’s “abstinence-only” plan.

No, I mean, not at all, first, because I?m not part of the administration. You know, I?m just my father?s daughter. ? I think that when we?re talking about keeping kids safe, and we?re talking about Ana and other kids that are living with HIV or other STDs ? kids need to have education; they need to be educated in order to make the right decision for themselves.

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A Nation of Bedwetters

On September 26, 2007 By

This article by Rick Perlstein perfectly underlines what a bunch of sissies we’ve been over the entire Ahmadinejad visit. I’ve made this comparison elsewhere – why can’t be behave like we did when Nikita “We will bury you” Khrushchev visited during the height of the Cold War in 1959?

Nikita Khrushchev disembarked from his plane at Andrews Air Force Base to a 21-gun salute and a receiving line of 63 officials and bureaucrats, ending with President Eisenhower. He rode 13 miles with Ike in an open limousine to his guest quarters across from the White House. Then he met […]

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Kucinich’s ‘no’ vote on SCHIP

On September 26, 2007 By

Jerid posted on this over at BSB last night (after I had gone to bed, actually). I specifically wanted to comment on Kucinich’s comments about his no vote.

?I cannot support legislation which extends health coverage to some children while openly denying it to other children,? Kucinich said. ?This legislation is woefully inadequate: and I will not support it.

?Legal immigrant children deserve the same quality health care as other children receive. It is Congress? responsibility to address the main difficulties that prevent legal immigrant children from gaining access to health care. Today, we did exactly the […]

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Yesterday I wrote about the the nazi candidate from South Carolina. The presidential candidate whose platform is based on kicking all non-white people out of the United States.

But he’s not the only nut-job running for president.

While researching him, I also came across a few other really “interesting” independent candidates that are also running for president in 2008.

Cris Ericson – Marijuana Party – Vermont
An anti-abortion, anti-immigration wing-nut who likes to smoke pot

From a recent interview with Ms. Ericson:

she hates partial birth abortion because it is “murder” she thinks we should […]

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Ohioans For Concealed Carry has announced that Governor Ted Strickland will be the keynote speaker for their annual family picnic.

Pistol-packing parents will listen to the governor’s pro-gun speech during the “Party in the Park” on Saturday, September 29th at Liberty Park in Powell.

Ohio Rep Michael DeBose, a Democrat from Cleveland, will also be there. Supposedly, DeBose “was formerly an opponent of concealed carry until he experienced firsthand an armed mugging attempt that convinced him to obtain a Concealed Handgun License.”

Lee Fisher, and most of the rest of Ohio’s democrats, probably won’t be making an appearance. 🙂

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We fell in love with him for his honorable (though difficult) decision to take “No Money from No Body“, now he needs “Mo’ Money from Mo’ Bodies”. I was asked to post on this by a good friend, but didn’t get a chance to before Jeff “Scoop” Coryell got to it. Yellow Dog Sammy tells us:

September 30th is a reporting deadline for campaign contributions, so Congressional challengers should be focusing their time and attention this week on raising as much early campaign cash as possible. A strong campaign fund-raising report now means enhanced credibility and momentum going […]

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Go look for lego driven stuff on YouTube. Might wanna wait until Sunday. There’s tons!

Real version after the break (a classic)

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