I just read this on the Bowlesblog– a new, blogspot-hosted site written by John Taylor Bowles- the “white people’s candidate” from South Carolina?s Nazi Party.

I was just looking at the statistics for the Bowlesforpresident.com campaign website and the numbers of people viewing the site have doubled within the last week.

It was posted yesterday, Saturday, September 29, 2007.

Funny thing. Exactly one week earlier, I
posted about Bowles
and his silly-ass party. And yes, I did include a link to his blog.

Could I have been responsible for this jump in traffic to this nutjob’s website?

Man, I hope not.

Just in case, here’s a great video (from The Blues Brothers) showing how silly and ineffective American nazi-wanna-bes really are: driving station wagons, and chasing the blues brothers through the streets of Chicago…