Fox news is reporting another one of their “Christianity Under Attack?” stories ( watch the video ) – this one is about the Catholic League’s urged national boycott of Miller Brewing Co.

The Catholic League is upset over Miller’s ties to a fair promoted in an ad that shows semi-nude men and women in bondage at a table with sex toys portraying Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” painting.

A Miller spokesperson responded:

While Miller has supported the Folsom Street Fair for several years, we take exception to the poster the organizing committee developed this year. We understand some individuals may find the imagery offensive.

In other words, thousands of gay people in leather drink a LOT more beer than uptight catholics.

The Catholic League is definitely not “living the High Life”…

  • While I’m sensitive to anti-Catholic sentiments, I think – as usual – Donohue is completely off his rocker.

    You can see the poster here. The big black guy in the position Jesus is in the painting is quite a hunk of man-meat. Frankly, I think the poster is a clever little piece of art. There is certainly nothing profane about it.

  • Very slippery slope Miller has just put itself on.

  • I think the poster is offensive, because it was purposely done to mock the Last Supper but it’s not as if Miller created the poster. If they would have then it would be a different issue. Yet, Donohue does tend to over-react – he also went after South Park more than once. Personally I think he helps draw more attention to things like this than would have existed in the first place.

  • It should go without saying but…as a Catholic it should be pointed out that the Catholic League does not speak for many of us.

  • Jill: maybe.

    Lisa Renee #1: Mock? I dunno. I suppose I can see why some people might be offended, even if I disagree with the word “mock”. 🙂 As for Donohue and South Park, I rather enjoyed South Park’s take on Donohue (the one where he decided the Pope wasn’t Catholic enough, to put it mildly).

    Lisa Renee #2: Of course. For me, it definitely goes without saying, as the Church still considers me a Catholic (and my parents still practice). There is a large diversity in opinion amongst lay Catholics, and in fact most of the people who attended the Church I did growing up would probably disagree with Donohue more often than they would agree with him.

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