Did you know that South Carolina has something called the American Nazi Party?

Even worse- they have a presidential candidate: John Taylor Bowles.

On his campaign website, Mr. Bowles describes his mission:

I am John Taylor Bowles, a retired federal officer of the USDA, and running as a National Socialist Movement Presidential candidate in 2008 and want to improve the conditions of White people in America by removing all non-Whites and illegal immigrants and bringing about better social conditions.

Here is a picture of Mr. Bowles in his “uniform”:


Seeing that picture makes me want to laugh.

It really seems like some kind of a joke like the Nazis chasing John Belushi and Dan Akroyd in the Blues Brothers movie.

The silly Nazis kept crashing their car and falling of bridges.

But it’s really not that funny when I have to ask: Are there really people like this in the world?

Are there REALLY people that think Adolf Hitler is a hero? people who think America needs to kick out all non-white people?

The answer is a sad and unfortunate yes.

And when you know that, it’s not really funny any more.

Anyway, back to the story at hand…

Supposedly, Ron Paul is stealing this idiot, Nazi candidate’s supporters.

From fitsnews:

A presidential long-shot is scoring big with white supremacist voters, although oddly enough it?s not their ?official candidate.?

Texas Congressman Ron Paul is receiving ?all the pro-white support,? the American Nazi Party?s nominee for president said in an exclusive interview with FITSNews.

From inside his campaign headquarters in Laurens, S.C. – an old movie theater converted into a Ku Klux Klan museum and National Socialist Movement meeting hall ? John Taylor Bowles said he doesn?t understand why so many members of a white nationalist Web forum, Stormfront.org, are supporting Paul for president and not him.

As the self-styled ?white peoples? candidate,? Bowles says his Aryan brothers and sisters will lose America to the non-whites – and possibly even get kicked off the continent ? unless ?something is done.?

Paul’s response?

?We don?t pay attention to that,? Paul?s communications director Jesse Benton told FITSNews. ?All Americans are free to support Dr. Paul for what Dr. Paul believes in – liberty, individual rights and the Constitution.?