From the daily archives: Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mitt Romney is a Hypocrite

On September 22, 2007 By

But don’t take my word for it. Check out the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s website

One of the latest “Viewer Submission’s” is this great flier from 2002.

Supposedly, someone “was handed this flier by a Romney campaign volunteer while walking with his partner during the Pride Festival on Boston Common following the 2002 gay Pride Parade. ”

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The New Asylums (Part Deux)

On September 22, 2007 By

I finished watching The New Asylums last night, and it’s a great little documentary. It seems that our prison mental care facilities are far beyond what is available in the “real world” to these men when they are released, and since many of them become homeless and run out of meds, their mental illnesses flare up again and they become recidivists (’cause it’s hard not to be a violent criminal when you are suffering from a psychotic schizophrenic episode).

In fact, judges will admit that they often send people to prison because that’s the only place where they will […]

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