What a friggin’ waste of time. Senate Republicans (and possibly House Republicans as well, if Mr. Boehner gets his way) would rather waste everyone’s time passing resolutions condemning MoveOn rather than discussing stuff that’s, you know, important.

The US Senate has voted to condemn an advertisement attacking the country’s top commander in Iraq as he gave key testimony on military progress there.

In the House of Representatives, Republican leader John Boehner recommended a similar move.

But a spokesman for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told The Associated Press news agency that the priorities of Americans lay elsewhere.

“The House is going to devote its full attention to providing healthcare to children… reducing global warming and responsibly redeploying US forces now in Iraq,” Nadeam Elshami said.

  • This was, of course, the top story on Fox News this morning.

    Along with “Democrat”-fundraiser jailed.

    Talk about a waste of time…

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