People incensed that Ahmadinejad wants to visit ‘Ground Zero’ (purportedly to ‘pay his respects’) are being a bunch of ninnies. Personally, I agree with Josh Marshall’s take.

how brittle do we think our national reputation is that it’s going to be damaged by Ahmadinejad going down to Ground Zero and at worst spouting off about whatever he wants to spout off about. To put to succinctly, who cares? Why should we care what he says? If there are any propaganda victories to be had I think the spectacle of our national overreaction has provided him with quite a nice one. But again, who cares? Am I alone in thinking that our national greatness and stature is best displayed by our indifference to these things? Especially when free speech and letting even the obnoxious have their say are supposedly central to who we are? But again, indifference. Who cares what he says?