Rod Parsley has a new fund raising campaign focused on creating fear and spreading lies about new, proposed federal hate crimes legislation. He claims that, because it will grant protections against crimes based on gender identity and sexual orientation, ultra-conservative preachers won’t be free to spread their hate-filled message of homophobia.

Parsley, of course, isn’t the first to make this argument. Ken Blackwell made the same argument in a piece, saying that this hate crimes bill will make “it illegal for people of various faiths to freely hold and profess their respective religion?s teaching on sexual morality”- which, of course, is a lie and an obvious attempt to mask Blackwell’s true, hate-fueled agenda: making gay people into second class citizens.

But lies and hate are nothing new from these two guys.

Parsley and Blackwell, as you may remember, were the big names behind Ohio’s ridiculous, anti-gay marriage ammendment and both are well know for their ultra-conservative, anti-gay views.

But, I suppose, there are some differences between the two.

For example, Blackwell tries to convince readers with logic while Parsley works the fear angle.

More importantly, Blackwell pushes his agenda in opinion pieces, hoping for personal gain in the political arena. Parsley, in it purely for the money, sends out fundraising letters like the one included below.

In it, Parsley claims that the hate crimes bill will “cripple your right to free speech and criminalize your thoughts!”

“Wow! That sounds HORRIBLE?”, exclaims the reader.

He also warns: “it could force Christian leaders like me to leave the TV airwaves and silence our speech, even from the pulpit!”

“OH NO! Rod Parsley silenced? What can I do to prevent this?”, asks the reader worriedly.

The answer, of course, is on the very next line: send Rod money. $50 to be exact.

That’s it.


And, in case you didn’t get it the first time, he’ll repeat it again and again.

In between the lies and the fear mongering text of this letter, Rod asks for $50 no fewer than 4 times.

Full text in the extended

Here’s the full text:

Dear Dena,

Proposed “hate crimes” legislation now before the U.S. Senate could cripple your right to free speech and criminalize your thoughts …

And it could force Christian leaders like me to leave the TV airwaves and silence our speech, even from the pulpit!

Your $50 gift now will help fight the hate crimes law, and, as a thank-you, I will send you some helpful resources so you can be part of a grassroots effort to defeat this flawed legislation.

Hate crimes proponents say that the bill will protect certain classes of people from crimes based in prejudice. But in fact, it could be used to keep Christians from speaking publicly about the biblical view of homosexuality.

Already, Christians have been charged with hate crimes or arrested for speaking out against homosexuality. Have you heard of the pastor who was sentenced to jail time for preaching on this subject? He was the victim of a hate crimes law in Sweden.

I know you do not want me and other Bible-believing pastors and teachers to be silenced on TV and from the pulpit as this man was. Please help defend my right – YOUR right – to free speech.

When you give $50 to help me produce a national TV expos? to reveal the truth about the proposed law, I will send you:
Your own DVD copy of “Arresting Thoughts … Attacking Freedom,” the TV special we want to air across America to unite patriots in defeating hate crimes legislation.

My “New York Times” best-selling book “Culturally Incorrect.” God prophetically inspired me with the themes of this book to show our country how worldviews diametrically opposed to the Bible are bringing this nation to chaos.

The five-DVD “Culturally Incorrect” set, with five of my most powerful sermons on the subject of opposing worldviews and how believers must unite to save our nation and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

“Silent No More,” the powerful book the Lord gave me as a clarion cry for Christ-followers across America and around the world to bring His loving touch to every needy soul and be part of the worldwide revival that will usher in Christ’s coming.

Request these important resources now. If your freedom of speech is worth $50, I urge you to give now and help to defend your first amendment rights! You will receive all the resources above, and you will be helping to produce and air the TV special that will let our nation know about the threat to our rights, uniting people to help defeat the hate crimes bill.

Our “Arresting Thoughts … Attacking Freedoms” TV special will help unite believers – and anyone who cherishes their rights to free speech and freedom of religion – to prevent the passage of this law.

Give now, and remember, when you give $50 or more, you will receive the TV special on DVD, my “Culturally Incorrect” book and DVDs, plus the “Silent No More” book.

Thank you for standing with me to preserve free speech in the USA, and to ensure that we can still speak out from a biblical worldview and share the good news of freedom in Jesus Christ.


Pastor Rod Parsley

Also worth mentioning: Dave over at Progress Ohio posted another letter Parsley sent out asking readers to make an “immediate online gift of $100 or more and help to defend your First Amendment rights!”