Update: Jill at WLST has a similar take (though less direct). 😉

In her sickening tirade against anti-war actress Sally Field, Michelle Malkin indicates that she believes that there are sheep moms and lion moms. I have to admit that to a certain point, I agree with her. Some moms are more passive and docile in their child rearing. Others are more aggressive and outspoken. But only a moron would suggest that there are mothers who are protective of their children, and mother?s who are not. Do some research, Ms. Malkin. Sheep protect their offspring as fiercely as lions, or any other mother on the planet. Being against the war in Iraq doesn?t make anyone less of a mother.

The suggestion that those mothers who oppose the war in Iraq are sheepish and unwilling to stand up for their children is not only vile, it is wrong. Personally, I am diametrically opposed to the war in Iraq. But don?t make the mistake of thinking I won?t come after you with fury if you hurt my children. I will challenge anyone trying to bring harm to my kids.

Have you not been paying attention over the last 6 years? The war in Iraq has very little to do with terrorism, or human rights. It doesn?t have to do with standing up to the bully on the playground. It has to do with several very little men getting very big payoffs. America is the bully on the playground.

So, if we use your own analogy, that kind of makes you like the mom whose kid is the school bully, doesn?t it? You?re the mom that supports your child?s right to sucker punch other kids because they wear glasses. You?re the mom who wonders what your child?s classmate did to deserve the terrifying wrath of your son or daughter. You?re the mom who believes her child can do no wrong despite the black eye and bloody nose exhibited by the little girl next door. In short, you are the mom handing your child the dirt to throw in the face of people in his way.

When I first read your post, I was convinced that you must not have children. My husband informed me that, in fact, you have two. I cannot tell you how sad that makes me. I can?t imagine being raised by a mother who wants to ship me off to war as soon as I turn 18. All because she?s afraid to agree with something a liberal, left-leaning actress once said. I would suggest that you reconsider your stance on this whole war thing. It?s really OK to be against the war AND right-wing. Don?t sacrifice your children because you?re afraid to stand up for what you know is right.

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