The Canton Rep is reporting that Bill Todd is suing the Columbus City Schools Board of Education “challenging whether students within each district being treated equally.”

His proof: half-assed, biased research from the highly-conservative Buckeye Institute.

Todd is quoted as saying ?This whole thing is about public schools, and about making sure they work as efficiently as possible.”

I have an idea for you Mr. Todd: maybe if dirtbag lawyers like you didn’t sue the school system they wouldn’t have to hire expensive lawyers to defend themselves and they’d be able to put some of that money back into the schools.

How’s THAT for efficient?

  • Dave

    Man , I hate when someone pisses in the teachers union rice bowl

  • Does your boss at First Energy know you are reading blogs at work, Dave?

  • TGP

    Dude , Why are you checking from where comments come from. I thought we are for privacy. Don’t be a hypocrite. After all you said against the patriot act , your doing the same thing.

    PS , this message came from a comcast customer in EL ohio

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