An interesting poll from Woman’s Day magazine asked 1500 women what they are looking for in a presidential candidate.

Here are some of my favorite results:

What is the most important character trait for a president?

  • Honesty 47%
  • An ability to connect with “regular” people – 21%
  • A tough, take-charge personality – 21%
  • An even-tempered demeanor – 7%
  • Strong religious faith – 4%

Which of these on-screen presidents would you be most likely to vote for?

  • Harrison Ford, Air Force One – 46%
  • Martin Sheen, The West Wing – 20%
  • Geena Davis, Commander in Chief – 17%
  • Michael Douglas, The American President – 17%

Choose the best celebrity candidate:

  • Oprah Winfrey – 30%
  • Donald Trump – 28%
  • George Clooney – 24%
  • Bono – 12%
  • Angelina Jolie – 6%

How public should the president be concerning his or her religion?

  • The president’s religious affiliation should be a private matter 52%
  • Somewhat?he/she should participate in religious holidays 30%
  • Very?religion should be a part of his/her daily life 18%

Could you vote for a candidate who is obese?

  • Yes 63%
  • No 37%
  • Trump? Jolie? Angelina is hot, but crazy. A good crazy, but not the kind of crazy I’d want in the White House. If you’ve got to pick part of Brangelina, go with Pitt.

    And Trump is exactly the kind of megalomaniac we don’t want in the White House. Sheesh.

    I very much like the answers about most important trait and religiosity. And the last question should be encouraging to Gore. (OK, that was cheap – the guy has slimmed down considerably. I would have been parked on the couch noshing on Chubby Hubby too after 2000.)

  • It’s funny though- the questions were exactly the kind of thing you would expect from Woman?s Day magazine- right next to other articles like “15 Girlfriend Getaways”, “Get Fit with Ballet” and “37 Vegetable Recipes”.

  • I suppose I should ask what you are doing perusing Woman’s Day magazine…

  • What can I say- I LOVE vegetable recipes.

    I also found a lot of other useful articles, like:

    “15 Clever Uses for Household Items”

    “16 Ways to Get Organized for Fall”

    and, of course:

    “30 Fab (and Affordable) Fall Shoes”

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