OK, so the headline is a little snarky. But frankly, I refuse to live in terror. Yeah, something pretty significant happened a few years ago today; but I’ve never been one big on anniversaries. My daily calendar has a picture of a 1969 Dodge Charger on it for today, and no other indication that today is “special”, which I’m sure would cause some pearl clutching by some wingnuts.

However, if someone does want to mark today as somehow different than yesterday or tomorrow, there is a right way and a wrong way. The right way involves remembering the people. The wrong way involves trying to scare people with terrifying imagery. One is dignified; the other not. Can’t say I’m surprised about which message came from where.

Update: OK, the post title was really snarky. Perhaps inappropriately so. However, do you think people were showing newsreels of Pearl Harbor in 1947 to pump up support for anti-communist sentiments? A date on a calendar is a relatively arbitrary way to measure passage of time. We’ve been around the sun roughly 6 times. Big deal! If those who lost friends and family wish to commemorate their passing, I would not dare criticize them for doing it on any day they wish (or every day). But other people using the deaths of those innocents to fuel their own agendas pisses me off. I let that agitation show in the post title.

Where’s that dickbag Osama anyway? We seem to have forgotten all about him to focus on some unrelated adolescent fantasy in Iraq.

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