I have policy issues with Ron Paul, but he is on-target when it comes to understanding the situation in the middle east. Bill’O does the standard wingnut fearmongering.

Sadly, Paul seems to be the only sane guy running for the Republican nomination. And he’s the one who wants to eliminate virtually every gov’t agency!

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  • jill peters

    Speaking of fearmongering, you would enjoy seeing this:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSk4SUpWVuY (very funny)

    If you want to learn more about where Ron Paul is coming from, you should take a look at these. (They are by the same guy that did the fearmongering video)

  • Paul’s a godsend compared to the other guys vying for the GOP nomination, and I fully believe his intentions are in the right place with his libertarianism. Unfortunately, libertarianism doesn’t work so well in practice.

  • I’d probably say Paul is the “most sane” in the race, but when looking at his stances on everything other than Iraq, I’m not sure I would actually call him “sane.” 🙂

  • For the GOP, any port in a storm, Amber. He looks downright reasonable compared to people like Rudy.

    But you are right. “Most sane” is probably more accurate. I have little doubt that if we enacted his domestic policies we’d shortly see schools in the south churning out kids who would think cars are magic and operate by the divine grace of Jesus. “State’s rights” – huzzah!

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