Last week I wrote about an opinion piece in the Times-Gazette written by David Hansen, president of the Buckeye Institute.

This week Bill Horne, a columnist for The Times-Gazette and a professor of economics, wrote a follow-up piece that provides a good respose to Hanson’s anti-labor, pro-privatization BS.

I encourage you to check out the full thing…. but here is my favorite part:

Our public schools are under attack. It could be that the hidden agenda of the public school enemies is just money. If it was just the money, then that would explain why we are currently taking $500 million from public school funding and putting it into charter schools. Or to put it another way, it costs each public school almost $1 million to pay for the charter schools.

And because most charter schools exist to make a profit, we taxpayers are lining the pockets of the charter school owners.

Forget the money for just a moment. Let’s just look at which schools are actually getting the job done. If your child attended a public school, by state standards, he or she had an 80-percent chance of receiving a good to excellent education. If your child attended a charter school, your child had less than a 10-percent chance of receiving a good to excellent education.

Hanson also attacks the teachers unions. He claims they are a hindrance to good education. I would suggest that the problem is not that there are teachers unions, but that teachers unions are necessary. The gentleman kept referring to the term “market accountability.”

He uses the term to mean that public schools should compete on the open market as do car manufactures.

Folks, we are not talking about consumer products. What we are talking about are our children. Every child is different. Every class of children is different. Anyone who teaches knows this.