From the daily archives: Monday, September 10, 2007

Last week I wrote about an opinion piece in the Times-Gazette written by David Hansen, president of the Buckeye Institute.

This week Bill Horne, a columnist for The Times-Gazette and a professor of economics, wrote a follow-up piece that provides a good respose to Hanson’s anti-labor, pro-privatization BS.

I encourage you to check out the full thing…. but here is my favorite part:

Our public schools are under attack. It could be that the hidden agenda of the public school enemies is just money. If it was just the money, then that would explain why we are currently […]

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?D?nde Est? la Biblioteca?

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In what is sure to set heads spinning over at RABid, the Nielsen ratings now have Univision as the #1 network.

Univision captured the #1 network ranking among all Adults 18-34, not just Hispanics, and outdelivered ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW for the entire first week of Nielsen’s single national panel (NPM).

In the first entire week (8/27/07-9/2/07) since all networks were reported from one single ratings sample, Univision ranked as the #1 network with an +11% advantage over its nearest competitor, FOX, and beating ABC by +43%, CBS by +42%, NBC by +57%, and fully +125% ahead […]

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Vegetarians in the News

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Kucinich is holding Vegan fundraisers in Phoenix and LA:

Elizabeth Kucinich hosted two vegan fundraising events this week in Phoenix, Ariz., bringing in under $1,000 in contributions.

The couple will host a more exclusive vegan feast featuring celebrity hosts this weekend in Los Angeles and plan on raising over $8,000 in contributions.

Chrissy Hynde is opening a vegetarian restaurant in Akron:

Akron native and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Chrissie Hynde is expected to hold a news conference today with city officials to talk about the opening of her new restaurant, VegiTerranean.

The eatery will […]

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Queer Eye for the Jihadist Guy

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Inspired by Andrew Sullivan’s amusing open letter to Osama about coloring his beard, I worked up this quick photochop with the Gimp.

I would have started messing with the text on the box art, but dammit – I said this was quick.

Update – Andrew changed the photo on his entry to use this one (and linked back to us). Tres cool.

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Science is cool.

The brain neurons of liberals and conservatives fire differently when confronted with tough choices, suggesting that some political divides may be hard-wired, according a study released Sunday.

Conservatives tend to crave order and structure in their lives, and are more consistent in the way they make decisions. Liberals, by contrast, show a higher tolerance for ambiguity and complexity, and adapt more easily to unexpected circumstances.

The affinity between political views and “cognitive style” has also been shown to be heritable, handed down from parents to children, said the study, published in the British journal Nature […]

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