You (well, Brian anyway) asked for it- so here it is: another post about Wikipedia edits made by our favorite people.

This time it’s the people at David Brennan’s for-profit charter school company White Hat Management.

As of about 10 minutes ago, there have been a whopping 623 Wikipedia edits initiated from IP addresses owned by White Hat Management (You can view the whole list here).

Most of them are related to pop-culture stuff like musical artists, video games, professional wrestling, ultimate fighting, sports and animation.

Here are some of the most interesting…

Butt Holes
Someone added the phrase “I LOVE IT IN MY BUTT HOLE” to an article about Sodom and Gomorrah.

Someone added this to the Lebron James entry:

lebron james is the best player in the leauge because he have what it takes to bring one home to cleveland maybe if larry hughes step up we might can do a little something something Phenomenon

Someone added the “Double Impact” to a list of Tag Team Moves used by a wrestler named Road Warrior Hawk.

Someone added this to the article on Lysergic acid diethylamide:

acid is the best motherfuckin shit in the world if you ever get ahold of some save some and eat some but dont eat any food and drink plenty of prange juice

Someone added this to the entry on Rats:

Rat is also a slang term for a female who does not respect themselves.

Someone changed the headline “==Who is a Jew?==” to “==How to kill a jew?==” as well as changing “Jews and Judaism” to “Hail (sic) Hitler”.

Blake Thompson
Someone added this to the article about Shaker Heights, Ohio:

Legendary Bassist and Fashion icon Blake Thompson Grew up in the City and attended Shaker Heights High School Until Last year.

Note: I’m guessing it was a guy named Blake Thompson.

and of course…

Prostatutes (sic)
Someone removed the entire entry about Justin Timberlake’s Song SexyBack, replacing it with this rambling mess:

michael medrano brought sexy back with his face he is one of two people to ever bring sexy back randy was the first no one can top that sexy but randy scott is just 100% sexy michael is only about 96% sexy And 4% hoe totalybrought sexy back randy and his 18 yard dick hoe get horny every time he comes around their not suposed to slap him only boppers slap randy and people who hit him with rulers are his hoes that suck his balls or monkey balls or has sucked a dick for a 5 ounce baggy of cronic and thier parents are as follows mother (prostatute) Father(never had one) because they are bitches

I certainly hope these people are Brennan’s teachers!