This makes me want to cry…but I do love the added description about the bread crumbs. Via Political Animal and Slate from Robert Draper’s new book about Bush, Dead Certain:

“You’ve gotta think, think BIG. The Iranian issue,” he [Bush] said as bread crumbs tumbled out of his mouth and onto his chin, “is the strategic threat right now facing a generation of Americans, because Iran is promoting an extreme form of religion that is competing with another extreme form of religion. Iran’s a destabilizing force. And instability in that part of the world has deeply adverse consequences, like energy falling in the hands of extremist people that would use it to blackmail the West. And to couple all of that with a nuclear weapon, then you’ve got a dangerous situation. … That’s what I mean by strategic thought. I don’t know how you learn that. I don’t think there’s a moment where that happened to me. I really don’t. I know you’re searching for it. I know it’s difficult. I do know ? y’know, how do you decide, how do you learn to decide things? When you make up your mind, and you stick by it ? I don’t know that there’s a moment, Robert. I really ? You either know how to do it or you don’t. I think part of this is it: I ran for reasons. Principled reasons. There were principles by which I will stand on. And when I leave this office I’ll stand on them. And therefore you can’t get driven by polls. Polls aren’t driven by principles. They’re driven by the moment. By the nanosecond.”

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  • More fun with definitions:

    buf?foon (b?-f?n’) n. A ludicrous or bumbling person; a fool.

    Polls ARE driven by principles you. Principles of the people. Those you are supposed to be representing with your imaginary mandate. Is it 11/08 yet?

  • If this guy can get elected president TWICE- then I really think Miss Teen South Carolina might have a future in politics.

  • One might also argue that Mr. Bush and his religious-right cronies
    are also “promoting an extreme form of religion that is competing with another extreme form of religion.”

  • Yeah – I thought the same thing about that religion comment. I should stop being amazed by the shit that comes out of his mouth…but I just can’t get over it!

  • Annette

    Wow… this is mind-blowing, that these are the words spoken by the “leader of the free world.” Not only does he (unknowingly) continue to confirm his desire to rule as a dictator, but on a much sadder note, makes a wonderful statement about the quality of our educational system. This fella is running our country and still cannot create an intelligent sentence without assistance.

  • Annette

    Correction to my submission, replace the word wonderful with PITIFUL. Thanks!

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