I hate driving traffic to RAB, but I can’t pass up this picture-perfect opportunity. Matty said:

I Can?t Tell The Truth

But the Dispatch said:

“The renovation will be underwritten by private donations to the University Foundation, and no tax dollars will be used,” said James C. Schroeder, foundation president.

Maybe the students “don’t care” because they aren’t paying for it, chucklehead. Strickland’s tuition cap has nothing to do with the university renovating the president’s residence with private funds. Nor does it have anything to do with comments made by a former university president.

But don’t let that keep you from trying to score political points, Matty. We all know the truth doesn’t actually matter to conservatives.

UPDATE: Matty is now claiming that he meant that the 2 million could have been used to “ease the burden on tuition payers”. That requires some pretty outlandish juggling. According to the 2007-2012 Capital Plan for OSU, $58.5M dollars of state money are earmarked for capital improvements. The $2M of privately donated money equates to roughly 3.4% of the $58.5M of state capital funds. Please note that state capital funds are not tuition, nor are they tuition related. The University Foundation provides additional funds for capital improvements. The overall budget for all university activities stands in excess of $2.5B.

Of course, that’s not even considering the fact that a well-appointed residence for the president will assist in fundraising efforts.

So, if people want to say that the University Foundation would be spending it’s money more wisely on other capital improvement projects, then say that. This was a poorly executed politically-motivated hack job by RAB.

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