Joseph has pointed out in the past that John McCain is extraordinarily old for a presidential candidate. Apparently high school kids in New Hampshire noticed this as well.

“If elected, you’d be older than Ronald Reagan, making you the oldest president. Do you ever worry you might die in office or get Alzheimer’s or some other disease that might affect your judgment?” one student asked.

“Thanks for the question, you little jerk,” McCain joked back … “You’re drafted.”

Skirting around foot-in-mouth territory there, but if his delivery was anything like he’s had on TDS, I’m sure it was funny. But it also wasn’t the most interesting moment.

“I came here looking to see a good leader,” 16-year-old William Sleaster told McCain, earning himself boos from his classmates. “I don’t.”

The event summary also indicates that some of the students intimated that he’s “too conservative to be respected”. There’s hope for our youth yet.