Jerid (BSB) just told me it’s too early to start talking about replacements for Congressman Paul Gillmore and, as usual, he’s probably right.

So I won’t discuss possible replacements (yet) but I think I can safely discuss the replacement process without being insensitive…

According to Ohio Revised Code 3521.03 Filling vacancy in United State House of Representatives:

When a vacancy in the office of representative to congress occurs, the governor, upon satisfactory information thereof, shall issue a writ of election directing that a special election be held to fill such vacancy in the territory entitled to fill it on a day specified in the writ.

One of the most recent- and most publicized examples Ohio Congressional vacancies happened in 2002 when Rep. Tony Hall resigned from Congress to take a job with the United Nations AND Rep. James Traficant was kicked out of congress after his bribery conviction. Then-Governor Taft decided NOT to hold a special election for either seat- opting instead to leave both seats vacant until the regular elections that fall.

The ACLU sued Taft on behalf of the residents of Traficant’s district, claiming they were disenfranchised by Taft because he denied them representation in Congress. The ACLU’s case was eventually thrown out.