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Filling Congressional Vacancies

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Jerid (BSB) just told me it’s too early to start talking about replacements for Congressman Paul Gillmore and, as usual, he’s probably right.

So I won’t discuss possible replacements (yet) but I think I can safely discuss the replacement process without being insensitive…

According to Ohio Revised Code 3521.03 Filling vacancy in United State House of Representatives:

When a vacancy in the office of representative to congress occurs, the governor, upon satisfactory information thereof, shall issue a writ of election directing that a special election be held to fill such vacancy in the territory entitled to fill it […]

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Ohio Rep. Paul Gillmor was found dead in his apartment Wednesday, a Republican leadership aide said.

The aide said the body of the 68-year-old Republican was found by staff members who went to his apartment after he failed to show up for work. There was no immediate word on the cause of his death. Gillmor’s office did not respond to a reporter’s call.

Gillmor, who represented Ohio’s 5th District in the Bowling Green area of the state, was first elected to Congress in 1988.

The aide spoke on condition of anonymity pending an official announcement

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I have NO IDEA how the wingnuts at the Buckeye Institute can get away with using the tagline “a nonpartisan policy research organization” when people like David Hansen, president of that organization, continue to spew skewed information pulled straight from the GOP talking points.

A perfect example of this BS is his opinion piece in the Times-Gazette titled :

Teacher unions hurt school competition.

Even before you get to the article you, as the reader, are being asked to accept the first in a series of very partisan ideas: that schools SHOULD be competing.

You can pretty much guess […]

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Personal Responsiblity

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We are a nation of slackers. Especially those dark-skinned people.

Check out this nice editorial on the state of labor in the US.

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I hate driving traffic to RAB, but I can’t pass up this picture-perfect opportunity. Matty said:

But the Dispatch said:

“The renovation will be underwritten by private donations to the University Foundation, and no tax dollars will be used,” said James C. Schroeder, foundation president.

Maybe the students “don’t care” because they aren’t paying for it, chucklehead. Strickland’s tuition cap has nothing to do with the university renovating the president’s residence with private funds. Nor does it have anything to do with comments made by a former university president.

But don’t let that keep you from trying […]

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Congress IS opposing Bush…

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So sez Congressional Quarterly, via Huffington Post.

President Bush’s success rating in the Democratic-controlled House has fallen this year to a half-century low, and he prevailed on only 14 percent of the 76 roll call votes on which he took a clear position.

The previous low for any president was in 1995, when Bill Clinton won just 26 percent of the time during the first year after Republicans took control of the House. If Bush’s score holds through the end of the year, he will have the lowest success rating in either chamber for any president since Congressional Quarterly […]

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Chinese executions at a 10 year low

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Death penalty reform is having a positive effect in China.

The Chinese authorities are expecting fewer executions this year than at any time in the past decade, according to state media.

The reduction is due to a new rule which means the country’s top court must review every death sentence.

Automatic appeals. Who knew?

Of course, that doesn’t mean things are all rosy in China.

China is believed to execute more people than rest of the world combined Non-violent crimes such as tax fraud and embezzlement carry death penalty Other crimes include murder, rape, robbery and drug offences China […]

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McCain: too old?

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Joseph has pointed out in the past that John McCain is extraordinarily old for a presidential candidate. Apparently high school kids in New Hampshire noticed this as well.

“If elected, you’d be older than Ronald Reagan, making you the oldest president. Do you ever worry you might die in office or get Alzheimer’s or some other disease that might affect your judgment?” one student asked.

“Thanks for the question, you little jerk,” McCain joked back … “You’re drafted.”

Skirting around foot-in-mouth territory there, but if his delivery was anything like he’s had on TDS, I’m sure it was funny. […]

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