When asked about the Larry Craig incident, Mike Huckabee had a pretty good response:

“The American people will forgive us for being sinners. They will not forgive us for being hypocrites.”

But I’d take it a step further by asking: who really cares if Larry Craig is gay?

I certainly don’t. I don’t even care if he wants to meet people in a bathroom to have sex.

Being a lying hypocrite, though- that’s a different story.

The fact is: a lot of people are gay. It doesn’t make them sinners and it certainly doesn’t make them bad political leaders.

Not that we’d know though- since, at last count, I think there were only three OPENLY gay members of congress.

Which is strange given that somewhere between two and ten percent of the general population is estimated to be gay.

In reality, we should have around five gay senators and twenty five gay members of the house.

So… either the sexual preferences of the members congress are strangely different than that of the general population or, more likely, congress is full of a bunch of lying hypocrites.

I’m guessing it’s the latter.

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