Last year Jim Petro lost a tough primary election to Ken Blackwell.

Last week it was rumored that he would run for congress in Ohio’s 15th district.

Two days ago he announced he “wants to run for Ohio Supreme Court chief justice” instead.

And today he started his campaign by announcing he would
work pro bono to free convicted rapist Roger Dean Gillispie.

Sure, the evidence is lacking and may actually point toward his innocence…

But come on Jim- it’s really much too soon to start pimping yourself with cheesy quotes like this:

My heart goes out to him. It really does ? 16 years (in prison). Oh, my God. I get choked up when I think about it

  • Brian

    Is there a reason we can’t say that a GOPer is doing the right thing when they actually do? I think it would actually bolster your credibility if you could treat situations like this more honestly.

    If you want to criticize him, how about instead of putting up a ridiculous headline, you ask the obvious question of where he was on this issue for the eight years he was in charge of this sort of thing?

    You sound like Naugle, for crap’s sake.

  • I think the current title is better and more descriptive than my original one: Petro’s Pro-bono Pimping Project.

    Either way- I guess the obvious question is: IS he doing the right thing?

    And, if so, is he doing it because he really cares? because he really gets all “choked up” when he hears about it?

  • also: Naugle has slammed Petro much harder for much less.

  • Brian

    If he truly believes this guy is innocent — and he wouldn’t stake his career on it if he didn’t — then I don’t see how someone could say he’s doing the wrong thing.

    And if the real question is his motive, then why not write that post, instead of one that tries to make him out as some kind of soft-on-crime rapist coddler.

    You can say Naugle is worse — and I agree — but I don’t think RAB is really the standard Eric had in mind when he passed on the Plunderbund torch.

    All of this misses the bigger point: If you want to preach to the choir, keep bashing Petro when he does right.

    If you want to bring more people into the fold, you’re going to have better luck by saying that he’s doing the right thing eight years too late, or by mentioning that Petro effectively doubled the time this guy has served by failing to take notice when he was AG.

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