One of my firm’s clients is the IAFF – the fire fighters union that has been taking on Giuliani. I’ve been keeping a secret for a week, but we finally got the go-ahead to break the news at 4pm today…

The IAFF is endorsing Senator Dodd for president at a news conference tomorrow in DC. This is the union that endorsed Kerry in 2004 – when he was no where in the polls. I don’t think anyone at the IAFF thinks this will have the exact same result as that endorsement, but it would be nice to see Dodd get a second (or even a first) look from the public, the MSM and the bloggers.

So, this is the first bit of news that I get to break on a blog…it should be everywhere tomorrow! It’s started with this confirmation in The Hill this afternoon.

Oh, and the IAFF would have been the first union endorsement of this cycle, but Hillary’s campaign was prepared! After news of this first started spreading yesterday (and reporters were calling the campaigns trying to find out “who it would be”), Hillary’s campaign must have called in a favor…she got the official first labor endorsement today from the United Transportation Union.

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