Great Scott!

The excellent (and must-read) ClimateProgress has a terrific debunking of the “Hummer has a lower lifecycle cost than a Prius” BS. My favorite part:

Their website says the report ?does not include issues of gigajuelles [sic!], kW hours or other unfriendly (to consumers) terms. Perhaps, in time, we will release our data in such technical terms. First, however, we will only look at the energy consumption cost.?

Wouldn?t want to confuse consumers with unfriendly technical stuff such as kilowatt-hours like those annoying electric utilities do every month. No. Let?s put everything in dollar terms so no one can reproduce our results. When you misspell gigajoules on your website ? and have for a long time (try googling ?gigajuelles?), you aren?t the most technical bunch.

gigajuelles? Seriously? Man, as a trained Electrical Engineer, that cracks my shit up.

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