Stick with the video. It’s about double standards and racial injustice… still alive in the South today.

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  • did he for real say 2006? these stories are all from 2006? surely no. surely he said 1956. right?

  • Modern Esquire

    Nope, 2006. I’ve been following it on the Tom Joyner morning show. Al Sharpton has been on talking about a number of times.

  • Yeah – I had heard about it before, but this was the nicest 3-minute summary I’d seen yet.

    Black kid gets beat up – nothing happens.
    White kid gets beat up – attempted murder charges.


  • Bridgette

    If Al Sharpton was so concerned for Bell, who is still in jail because he can’t post the $90,000 bail, then why doesn’t Sharpton post bail for him? Because it would take away all the publicity, Sharpton’s real motive, that’s why.

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