Rep. Kucinich has been a favorite target of my fellow lefty bloggers, which I always considered curious given his ideology. The most common criticism? That he’s an absentee representative, always running for President. Given the fact that he virtually never misses votes, I’ve aways found that criticism shallow.

Until now.

There is a post up at BSB outlining exactly why Kucinich could be considered “absentee”, despite being there for votes. And it’s convincing.

Space tends to introduce legislation that will directly affect his rural constituents. Space has introduced legislation to increase rural broadband access, improve diabetes treatment and care, and to cede more control of resource conservation to localities. Space and Sherrod Brown have even teamed up, introducing identical legislation into the House and Senate to extend GI Bill benefits to veterans pursuing degrees in sciences, math, technology, or engineering.

Kucinich has spent the last 8 months doing exactly what he said he wouldn’t do in 2006….run for president. In the meantime, he has introduced such hard hitting bills as Joint Resolution 39: posthumously declaring Casimir Pulaski a US citizen. Admittedly, Pulaski did a great job with the American cavalry in the Revolutionary War, but this resolution demonstrates the depth of Kucinich’s legislative portfolio. The rest of his bills are either legislative soft balls like Pulaski or are wildly unrealistic proposals that he introduces so he can hold a press conference (i.e. the Cheney impeachment)

His wife is pretty good looking, tho. So he’s got that going for him.

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