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FINALLY a presidential candidate with some balls!

Gov. Bill Richardson ordered the state Health Department on Friday to resume planning of a medical marijuana program despite the agency’s worries about possible federal prosecution.

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Third Wife’s a Charm

On August 19, 2007 By

Say what you want about Kucinich but…

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Frank Rich often leaves me thinking after I read his columns, and today is no exception. I do some work with a group focused on youth civic engagement, so I was interested in Rich?s reference to a new NYT/CBS poll showing that the percentage of young people (ages 17-29) who self-ID as Republicans has fallen to 25 percent (from a high of 37 percent in the 1980s).

Sounds good to me, but I wanted to know about the flip side: what percentage of young people self-ID as Dems in this new poll? After much searching, I couldn?t find the […]

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