Deb Pryce, our Representative here in Ohio’s 15th District, is supposed to announcing her retirement today.

Which is more great news for Mary Jo Kilroy. Not only was Mary Jo able to avoid the expense of a primary (after Brooks recently dropped out), but now she won’t be running against an incumbant opponent either.

Rumor has it that former Ohio Attorney General James Petro might seek the seat.

I’m guessing Petro will get little support from righty blogs like RAB who have labeled him a “a pro-abortion pro-gambling Cuyahoga County Republican with an extensive liberal record”.

I think Petro would make a pretty good candidate in this district- even if he is from the Cleveland area he has good name recognition from his state-wide office and campaigns.

Let’s just hope he gets into another tough primary battle for the seat with State Senator Steve Stivers, who is also considering a run for the seat.