Jill has a huge rant up about the costs of education (and I don’t just mean $$$). It is brilliant. She completely captures my objections to profit-motives in education:

For me, it is about the motive. And people who are in education, for-profit, by definition, will not have the outcome of their “industry” – education – as their job number one. Their job number one, as Brian puts it, will be the best “product” for the cheapest cost. That motive for operating, in education, is unacceptable to me as job number one.

The operating motive for educational facilities should be the best “product” – the best education – period. I don’t want educators to reduce the quality of the education provided because it allows for a reduction in costs (and presumably a bigger profit). That’s not how this should work.

It’s also precisely the problem with the health care system in America – insurance companies are profit driven, and providing care to patients cuts into profits.

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