From the daily archives: Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jill has a huge rant up about the costs of education (and I don’t just mean $$$). It is brilliant. She completely captures my objections to profit-motives in education:

For me, it is about the motive. And people who are in education, for-profit, by definition, will not have the outcome of their “industry” – education – as their job number one. Their job number one, as Brian puts it, will be the best “product” for the cheapest cost. That motive for operating, in education, is unacceptable to me as job number one.

The operating motive for educational facilities should […]

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Who’s editing Wikipedia?

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As an openly editable encyclopedia, Wikipedia is renowned for having up-to-the-minute information. It’s also known for inaccuracy, and occasionally for “edit wars”. Most respectable editors do so under a login name, however many malicious edits occur anonymously.


See, Wikipedia tracks the IP address of anonymous edits. Just looking at an IP address wouldn’t necessarily tell you anything about who edited that page… unless the IP addresses were crossreferenced against a reverse lookup, identifying who owned those addresses. Then it might get interesting. Unfortunately, that’s a time-consuming process.

Fortunately, someone has done it for you.

Just poking around, I […]

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Who would dare say such a thing? Why, only Captain America, that’s who.

Go read the context at the above link – it does a tremendous job explaining exactly why Captain America would say what he said, and how he got to that place. Throw in the fact that ultra-patriot and WWII hero Captain America came down on the side fighting against the government in the recent Civil War storyline, and I think Cap might just be my favorite Marvel comic book character. A man who holds principle above all else.

And you thought comics just stories […]

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How films are edited can have a dramatic influence on the end result. That’s a big part of why I avoid “studio edit” films at all costs. Give me the director’s original intent, thank-you-very-much.

In that vein, check out what a little clever video editing and musical selection can give you in this “revisioning” of a classic piece of cinema. I give you the trailer for The Shining:

A few similar trailers after the jump. Including a hilarious fake movie trailer for what would have been Charlton Heston’s greatest movie.

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