These people, or a similiar group, were at the end of my street last week with their anti-abortion signs showing pictures of aborted fetuses to people in cars lined up to get in to the Ohio State Fair.

The problem I have with these so-called pro-life people is that they aren’t outside prisons protesting the execution of prisoners.

And they aren’t outside the Pentagon protesting the war.

They aren’t outside the pet shelter protesting the “euthanasia” of cats and dogs.

They are just standing at the end of my street (or YOUR street) protesting something that IS NOT in the bible in the name of God.

  • Rather ironic that here in NWO they are focusing on not allowing a Rally against Racism and trying to prevent Nazis from returning to demonstrate/hand out flyers yet it’s supposedly okay to have graphic pictures of aborted babies…

    Sigh…Makes no sense to me

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