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‘Pro-Life’ My Ass

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These people, or a similiar group, were at the end of my street last week with their anti-abortion signs showing pictures of aborted fetuses to people in cars lined up to get in to the Ohio State Fair.

The problem I have with these so-called pro-life people is that they aren’t outside prisons protesting the execution of prisoners.

And they aren’t outside the Pentagon protesting the war.

They aren’t outside the pet shelter protesting the “euthanasia” of cats and dogs.

They are just standing at the end of my street (or YOUR street) protesting something that IS NOT in […]

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – A Virginia political action committee’s transfer of $870,000 to an Ohio affiliate has caught the eye of Ohio’s chief elections official, who is investigating the donations’ ties to Ohio’s biggest charter-school operator.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Akron industrialist David Brennan, who also is president of the for-profit White Hat Management charter schools in Ohio and six other states, has given $200,000 since 2004 to All Children Matter.

The Virginia group transfered $870,000 to an Ohio affiliate last year to help elect Republicans — the subject of a state election-law complaint .

Ohio Secretary of State […]

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