I agree with Matthews and Olbermann – this man, this moment, might well be one that changes how Americans view health care. Or more precisely, how tolerant they are of how their elected officials view health care.

For at least four years Americans have wanted universal health care by a 2 to 1 margin. Hell, even 51% of Republican voters want universal health care. And yet all Republican Presidential candidates can talk about are “tax incentives” to “encourage Americans to buy coverage”. That’s like slapping a band-aid on an arterial wound.

What kind of tax cut could the feds provide to a retired, disabled man that would provide him enough money to purchase private insurance for himself and his elderly wife? What private company would take on the liability of providing him coverage for what he can afford? The position of Republican politicians is “you are screwed,” and I don’t think the American people would feel too good about say that to the man’s face.

It’s time for voters to stop tolerating the bullshit, and demand a solution.

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