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Ethanol vs. Biodiesel

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In a recent post on the Pullins Report, Scott wrote something that I actually agree with: that ethanol plants are good news for Ohioans.

Well, some Ohioans. Specifically, those who grow corn.

Unfortunately, Scott doesn’t seem to understand the difference between Ethanol and Biodiesel, at one point labeling them both “hybrid fuels”. He also has almost all of his facts wrong.

He ends his piece like this:

So to sum up, biodiesel is vastly cheaper for consumers, it is produced here, not in the Middle East, and the vehicles that run it get vastly better gas mileage, with more […]

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Jim Cramer’s meltdown

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I just want to say it’s ironic that a markets guy is freaking out over a market downturn and wants a fed bailout when he’s regularly stated that layoffs are good. Oh, and that investing in sub-primes seems risky.

You can see The Daily Show’s take on sub-prime loans after the jump.

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Was the Oklahoma City bombing so unimportant as a terrorist attack in Oklahoma that they needed to appropriate the Twin Towers? Was a yellow ribbon magnet not showing enough militant support for our soldiers that the plate needed an ACU camo pattern?

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A pivotal moment?

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I agree with Matthews and Olbermann – this man, this moment, might well be one that changes how Americans view health care. Or more precisely, how tolerant they are of how their elected officials view health care.

For at least four years Americans have wanted universal health care by a 2 to 1 margin. Hell, even 51% of Republican voters want universal health care. And yet all Republican Presidential candidates can talk about are “tax incentives” to “encourage Americans to buy coverage”. That’s like slapping a band-aid on an arterial wound.

What kind of tax cut […]

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